I help service-based entrepreneurs unpack their character so that your business and communications stay true to your voice and views.

I lost count of how often I heard this online:

"Just be yourself. No, but not like this! People like success stories, nobody wants a Debby Downer."
"You need to look professional enough to charge more. Maybe, add 1% of personality to come across relatable – you like cats, right?"
"People don't care about your stories, just give them knowledge! Okay, add a story about how everything was bad until your offer changed your life. It sells."

Talking about your thoughts & ideas, and how you can help others feels like a game of self-editing. Just so that people have the right impression of you:

A personality-less stack of valuable information. A business book. (Because how dare your potential clients know that you're human, like them.)

I bet it sounds familiar to you, too: You feel forced to perform and fit into the "frameworks of building a personal brand" while losing what makes you different. Your energy gets drained, while the audience sits in silence.

Yet, you can stand out to the right people while staying true to YOUR character.

(So, let's ditch the advice that boxes us up.)

What if your story goes like this:

Your online presence matches who you are. There's no need to look better or "more" than you are, to fit into the "cool kids" crowd – who you are, your stories, perspectives, and thoughts are enough. They even resonate with the right people, the kind you want to hang out with.
Your point of view is a through line of the stories you tell and content you share. Daily experiences? Work-related insights? You draw boundaries on what you say and how you express yourself, yet one thing remains true: You speak directly to your audience so that your people feel seen.
You play into your superpowers. Yes, lots of people might do what you do – but do they offer the 11-star experience that your kind of clients treasure? You go beyond expected, only what you can pull off: They recognise the unique twist that you own – and it becomes a no-brainer to work with you.

If this sounds like the kind of story you're after, I have something for you πŸ’Œ

With my "Unpack Your Character" brand strategy service, we dig deeper into your stories and zoom out – to see the bigger picture of your direction, positioning, and how to apply it into your communications (think: content, channels, and so on) and business (think: offers, customer experience, and so on).

All to make your brand true to your character, and stand out to the right people, with your goals and voice in mind – no hacks on how to be someone else involved.

"Mariia guided me through the entire process of discovering my brand values so beautifully. She asked in-depth questions. She noted my every word. And then used it to create a brand I truly fell in love with." – Kuba Czubajewski, content strategist.

You hold all the answers but let me hold a mirror for you and get your character out to play 🎞️

Hi, I'm Mariia – and I'm a fan of characters. Especially the ones who come to life and rock the world of their people. Yes, like you – an entrepreneur with a point of view. My goal is simple: To help you own your character, develop your personal brand, and communicate your ideas & business to the right people.

What does the "Unpack Your Character" service look like?

πŸ’Œ Unpack Your Character

  • This is for you if: You don't feel aligned with where you & your business are going, your communications – through content, and with clients – feel off, and like they don't match your goals and vision.
  • What happens: 2x deep-dive calls where we unpack your personality and business + 1x 1:1 co-creation workshop where we brainstorm how to apply your positioning in action + you get the recordings, the concept, and the Notion dashboard
  • What we work towards: You'll understand your voice, unique advantages, and superpowers so that you can already apply them in your business and communications.
  • Timeline: 3 weeks
  • Pricing: 999 USD

πŸ—£οΈ Unpack Your Character + 1-month Support

  • This is for you if: You want support in putting the next steps into action.
  • What happens: Full unpacking service + 1-month of support from me, including feedback, 2x check-in calls, and assistance with your next steps. (Think: brainstorming and realising your communications ideas, reviewing your processes in-depth to fit your positioning, and so on.)
  • What we work towards: You'll realise your roadmap with the next steps while having full access to me, my thoughts, ideas, and any input and feedback.
  • Timeline: 3 weeks + 1 month
  • Pricing: 1499 USD
"Over the last 3 months, I worked with Mariia & did tons of branding exercises. I couldn't have done this without her. So much that I started calling her my 'Brand Therapist', lol. She dug deep into my WHY & provided a path. Will always be grateful 🫢" – Shruthi Vidhya Sundaram, business coach.

Your people choose your service because of the idea of working with YOU.

Beyond expertise, your potential clients care whether you're trustworthy, likeable, and share similar values, beliefs, and experiences (source). So, why not lean into your character and own your voice and views out loud?

"I highly recommend talking to Mariia because she's not only going to help you with your short-term problem but also help you in the grand scheme of things which is definitely something that you want to integrate with your business."
Christine Trac, email list manager

Let's sum it up 🀝

Okay, I want to work with you – what are the next steps?

First of all, hey, love it πŸ’Œ Fill out this form and I will reach out to you via Instagram or email, in the next 24 hours. This form helps me understand what kind of goals and expectations you have as well as your current context – so I will text you not with a bland "thanks for your request" message but go straight to business! (Our conversation is non-binding, of course. It's more of a way to ask each other questions and figure out whether we're a match!)

I like your offer but I have questions – how can I reach you?

I'm glad this whole thing resonates you and understand that you want to chat first – you can reach me directly on Instagram (@itsmariia.co) or via email (mariia@itsmariia.co). You can also fill out this form and list your questions there, and then it's on me to message you directly with all the deets 🫑

Who is this service for?

This is for entrepreneurs and online service providers who want to bring their whole self into their business, without conforming to someone else's idea of success. You're a fit if you're ready to zoom out from your day-to-day and up for strategising on how we can grow your personal brand platform.

Who isn't a fit for this service?

This is not for someone who expects do-it-for-you kind of strategy work, or wants to go a "faceless" brand route. We're talking about your business, built off your name, backed up by your reputation, that fuels opportunities for you in the future. The kind of direction you want to take, goals to tackle – only you know that, and I will help you zoom out and look at it strategically.

Why do I need a brand strategy?

In a nutshell, because there are countless service providers out there – and you want a way to stand out AND become the preference of the kind of clients you want to work with. A brand strategy is an opinionated direction on how to achieve your business goals, and shapes what steps you take next.

Will I get a finished visual identity afterwards?

No, this is the service where we work on your strategy first and how to implement your next steps. However, if you decide that a new visual identity is something you want to strengthen your brand, the final brief (including the positioning concept) would be incredibly helpful for a brand designer you choose to work with.

"Mariia is exactly the person you want to have at your side when you want to build your personal brand. She is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know and guides you through all your ups and downs. With her expertise she helps you realize how your personality is exactly what your personal brand needs and have fun using it on social media. On my journey to start my business, Mariia was the person I enjoyed working with the most. I wouldn’t be where I am now without her help and professional insights." – Rosalie Ahamer, feminist content creator & business coach.