That smart author of the book you love.

That successful entrepreneur you aspire to be like.

That original creator with the loyalest audience you want to have.

They feel like infallible monuments in the tenets of our minds. Yet, they are still people. Human beings who make mistakes and hold opinions and preferences that... we might disagree with.

Since we've broken up with advice, whatever others say might not bother us. Good.

But I'm afraid, other opinions still rile me up inside. I just want to make my case โ€“ even to myself! โ€“ and not to feel like an outsider. Okay, hear me out โ€“ why an outsider?

That author has published a book. That's a proof of confidence in their perspectives and belief of others in what they say (especially if a book is on some acclaimed bestseller list).

That entrepreneur runs businesses. That's a proof that not only they have a steadfast approach and mindset to solving problems but also that there are people who pay for their solutions and desire them.

That creator has an active audience & community. That's a proof of a strong voice and resonance that bounds people around them, with loyalty and trust to what they say.

Plainly, there's a crowd who agrees with them. You with a different opinion? A lonely rebel, on the crossroads with the three options ahead. (Spoiler: I'm a fan of third neither-nor options.)

Turn left โ€“ and cause no division. Swallow it, hide it. Appeal to everyone but lose your edge.

Turn right โ€“ and burn bridges in the name of the "me vs them" battle. Let fire consume you and leave with a prick of a doubt. Define yourself in the opposition to others, without paving your way.

Go in the middle โ€“ and found your island to invite your crowd. There's no absolute truth, and more often than not, different opinions complement different contexts. It's not a way of compromise but rather a choice to take yours and bet on it.

(Thankfully, there's plenty of space around. There's plenty of different people, among which you'll find yours โ€“ like-minded and like-hearted.)

Even lonely rebels have their crew out there, waiting somewhere for a call.