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I beg you to be selfish

I wonder, how many times I stopped myself from sharing my thoughts?

Like, what happened to me today, how it made me feel, what I experienced, and so on.

In hindsight, all I see is the fear of coming across as selfish and self-centred, of publishing something that no one would find interesting (except me, of course).

Because the only thing that should guide our content is what our audience cares about. Right?

(Fair enough. If I want to catch attention of other entrepreneurs, it better be interesting for them to follow me and read my content.)

Yet, I wonder: Does the audience then care only about dry knowledge? The same 100 versions of tips and listicles? Zero entertainment, only professional content?

I doubt that. There's no emotional connection in opinion-less content.

(No emotion, no relationship, no trust.)

So, why do we still make that assumption and publish dry informational content only?

Why hide our personal stories – from business & day-to-day life – that are rich in opinions and perspectives, and perhaps interesting and new ideas?

Because it's a pity we don't speak of ourselves as if our day-to-day isn't interesting – there are so many relatable yet mind-blowing thoughts we hold.

It's a pity we don't share our journeys, with ups and downs, that inspire to see possibilities and learn from insights.

It's a pity we don't show our stories that make people feel understood and seen, and leave them aspiring to pave their own path.

(Perhaps, the audience cares about fighting their challenges and seeing bigger possibilities that they could ever imagine. They care about their journey. And where else would they see that such journey is imaginable?)

And if it makes others say that your content is selfish, so be it.

To myself (who still sometimes withholds her thoughts) and to anyone who's reading it and feels the same: I beg you, be selfish, tell your stories – and make your audience feel seen.