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How would I introduce myself?

I feel incredibly lost and awkward when asked to introduce myself.

My mind turns into some kind of a car racing between the lanes of, "Where do I even start?", "What interests do we share?" and "Is it about my job or what?"

This is to say, next week I'll meet new and interesting colleagues of my husband. (And I don't know anymore how to put in words what is the thing I pursue every day.)

So, it got me thinking:

"I help entrepreneurs position themselves to the people they want to work with." Ehh, yes, this is my job but it sounds so boring and robotic.

"I help entrepreneurs position themselves to the right people so that they could build a trustworthy platform." That's more of a pitch – and vague at best – that invites a question: Why do entrepreneurs even need a platform? (I love talking about it though.)

No, not there yet.

I'm obsessed with people who take their point of view and act on it. It takes guts to commit to an idea – and burn with it! – yet stay curious and open-minded to possibilities and changes.

When these entrepreneurs take to sharing their worldview with others? That's beautiful. You want to be in the vicinity of their fire, to feel the awe, to catch a glimpse of someone being truly who they are, unapologetically.

Perhaps, you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people like that. They are like a breath of fresh air online (pick any platform you want) – and yet, I believe there could be more.

The ones who have so much value to offer, yet not ready to share their story and outlook!

And that's what I do: I help these curious entrepreneurs communicate themselves and their ideas, to connect with the right people – their audience.

Yes, finding a good business opportunity is one way to make money. But it's a whole different story when who you are clicks with what you do and what you say. That's when your business makes you feel accomplished.

So, how would I introduce myself?

Hey, I'm Mariia, I'm a fan of weird and curious people who make their ideas happen while staying true to their character. Nice to meet you.