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A strange creature on the edge

What lives on the edge of the universe? (This question gives me strong "Doctor Who" vibes, like in one moment a villain will jump out because we dug too far in our quest of insatiable curiosity.)

No idea about the universe (I wish) but I can think of quite a few things in our world:

On the edge of war – my mind goes there immediately but the idea of peace is precarious, especially when taken for granted.

On the edge of extinction (or say, bankruptcy) – when there's a balance, a point of no-return if pushed too far that changes the status quo.

On the edge of... innovation – when there's a crack of tension, a sparkle in the air that new things are coming, born of collision as two things push against one another.

You see, the notion across all three is similar: Out of known things, something unknown comes.

And to me, there's no better name for it other than an idea.

Ideas don't grow in spaces that are taken for granted.

When you're in a bubble – like a writer who surrounds themselves with all things writing, from non-fiction business books to communities, without venturing outside to their readers – you're deprived of creative oxygen, fresh approaches, novel views. You've got to poke a bubble; otherwise, the mind remains closed and stuffy.

Ideas change the status quo by bringing a third option to the table.

In day-to-day, we operate on "either-or" scenarios. I either post it, or perish in obscurity. I either support this view, or fight fiercely against it. Compromise aside, with a little effort and time, you can find what works for you (because everything's neither wrong, nor right).

Ideas are born when two unconnected things collide into each other, creating something new.

We love when things are in their places: Files in folders, notes tagged and filed away, books categorised and stashed to the appropriate shelves. It's like we live by the idea that everything is linear, with a beginning and an end, that links from Point A to Point B. Yet, a little mess never hurts – perhaps, when thinking of fine dining, you'll get an insight for your business.

Ideas are indeed strange creatures. Hovering on the edge of our sight. Blurred between the lines of topics, industries, interests, you name it.

Yet, what a fulfilling moment – to catch and raise one.

Stay vigilant, my friend.